WAV Trigger Arduino library and first example

I’ve posted an initial release of a WAV Trigger Arduino library on GitHub, along with a sample sketch for the YUN that demonstrates use of the library and a very basic browser based interface.

The picture below shows how I can start, stop and control the volume of a track over wifi from my phone. The YUN is only plugged in for power, and the WAV Trigger is powered from the YUN, using the on-board amp to drive the speaker.  The UI is just an html page so it’ll work with any device/browser. The only reason I don’t have multi-track control is my limited knowledge of html/CSS coding and lack of time.




Both the library and the sample sketch currently have lots of limitations, but I thought it would be helpful to get something out there sooner than later. I’ll keep the GitHub repositories updated as I go.

WAV Trigger Arduino library on GitHub.

Arduino YUN sample sketch on GitHub.

If any of you html-savvy folks want to speed things along, the most helpful thing would be to look at “index.html”, located in the www folder of the YUN sketch. This is the file that creates the YUN’s browser UI. If someone can come up with a more functional version, providing the ability to control multiple tracks, I’d love to improve this example.




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    How would I go about wiring up my Arduino Uno to the WAV trigger via serial? I want to be able to send serial commands to the WAV trigger directly from my Uno. Also, will the libraries you have listed above help me do this?

    Thank you!

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