The WAV Trigger gets 2 more voices and a low power Sleep Mode

I just posted a firmware update that adds 2 more voices for a grand total of 14 stereo voices. I think I’m getting close to what’s possible with this architecture. It’s a trade-off between microSD card access time, the amount of RAM available for buffering microSD card audio data and processor cycles. I might be able to get one more with a lot of effort, but I believe that 15 would likely be the theoretical limit.

This version also adds a low power “sleep” mode option. Adding the following line to the init file:


where N is seconds, will cause the WAV Trigger to enter a low power Sleep Mode after N seconds of inactivity. You’ll know it’s in Sleep Mode because it will blink 3 quick flashes and then “heartbeat” flash will stop completely. Any trigger activity will wake the WAV Trigger, the heartbeat will resume and it will immediately play a track if that trigger is assigned to do so. There is probably a small latency penalty paid by the trigger that does the waking, since the WAV Trigger has to restart the audio subsystem before it can play the track.

I still have to make measurements, but it’s safe to say at this point that in Sleep Mode mode, the WAV Trigger draws only about 5 milli-Amps. I’ll measure and post this spec on the product page along with the actual wake-up trigger latency.

Update: The latest version of the InitMaker (v1.04 app) now supports the #LPWR entry. Get it on the downloads page.


  • reply Hi Jamie ,

    Hi Jamie

    First of all, congratulations for a great product ! ! !
    If find some bug, I sending notes via midi with a Roland Gaia and I experiencing lot of hunging notes and silent notes.
    I scratch mi head and trying different firmwares etc without success. Then I try with two other midi keyboards and works perfect !, but fail with the Gaia.
    I watch Gaia midi out with midi ox, and the thing I think may be is the cause, is that Gaia have note off velócity !…not only note on velocity but note off velocity also…


    Marcelo Malmierca

    • reply Luc ,

      Hi, just bought the Wave trigger. The supplied firmware is V0.56.
      This works fine. Updated to V0.61 is also working fine.
      But as of V0.81 the line output sound distorted and apparently slower.

      Any idea what is going wrong?

      Many thanks, Luc

      • reply ,

        Need more info. Is sound distorted when only playing a single file? The same file plays correctly with earlier firmware versions? There was a bug having to do with very short files that is fixed in version 1.00 which I just posted the other day. Please try that version and if you still have problems, email me directly at info(at)robertsonics(dot)com.

        Also, what microSD card are you using? Can you try a different one?

      • reply Glenn Fin ,

        Hi Jamie;
        I got the Wave trigger but it will not play the wav files on the card….

        1) measured 9vdc to coaxial power connector
        2) formatted fat32 micro sd card
        3) correct file naming of wav files “001_test.wav”, etc…
        4) Stereo audio output connected to line level mixer input
        5) shorting trigger pins to ground does not play wav files

        When powered up, the wav trigger led flashes 3 times which I understand indicates the files are being recognized.

        Please help.


        • reply Vincenet ,

          Hello Jamie,
          I use midi to trigg playback of files.
          When I add LPWR 60 as example, the board enter in low consumption (saving about 70mA@12V).
          When I try to trigg again a sound, the led react and consumption recover its first level but there is no sound at line output. Any idea of the problem ?
          Best regards,

          • reply Jamie ,

            Someone else was having a different issue with the low power option and I recently tested it here and everything worked for me.

            From your description, it sounds like you’re powering the WAV Trigger with 12V, using the line output, not the onboard amp and speaker output, correct?

            Are you waking the board using a trigger input, or MIDI input? When it wakes up, the LED flashes every 3 seconds and goes solid when you trigger a track, but no sound on the line output?

            • reply Vincenet ,

              Powering the WAV Trigger with 12V, using the line output, not the onboard amp and speaker output.
              MIDI input.
              When it wakes up, the LED flashes every 3 seconds and goes solid when you trigger a track, but no sound on the line output.

              Should I send an additional MIDI message to adjust the level of line output? I only send note on / note off messages.

              • reply Vincent ,

                Debugging with scope, we know now that left and right are swapped after waking up the board. I am using left for a first application and right for a second one. Now, I avoid using low power mode for this configuration. I hope an update could be done at later date…

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