Pitch Bend and Variable Sample Rate Control Are Here


WAV Trigger firmware version 1.06 adds variable sample rate conversion on the main output. This comes in the form of MIDI Pitch Bend support and a new serial control protocol message.

By default, in MIDI mode, MIDI Pitch Bend (any channel) raises and lowers the pitch of the WAV Trigger’s main output mix by plus and minus 2 semitones. The latest version of the InitMaker app allows for changing the pitch bend range to from 1 to 5 semitones using a new #BEND command in the init file.

There’s also a new samplerateOffset serial command that allows for adjusting the output sample rate between 1/2x to 2x with 16-bit resolution – while audio is playing. Documentation for this message has been added to the Online User Manual and the latest version of the Remote Control demonstration app adds a sample rate control knob to demonstrate this. I’ll add support for this feature to the Arduino Serial Control Library shortly.

The new firmware and update related apps are all on the download page.