Update on WAV Trigger Hardware Versions

There’s been some confusion about whether or not you need to modify your WAV Trigger to use the on-board amplifier. The first hardware version of the board was shipped from SparkFun with a capacitor missing from the input of the on-board audio amp that resulted in a DC offset on the speaker output. This post details how to add the cap.

The board design was amended and a new hardware version of the WAV Trigger made its way into the SparkFun manufacturing pipeline about 8 months ago. The new version requires no modification to use the amp.

Since then, SparkFun has not shipped any of the older version. However, it’s certainly possible that some distributors still have the older version in stock.

Unfortunately, while the SKU number changed, there’s no clear indication on the board itself of the version. Here’s how you can tell:



Again, if you have the newer hardware version of the WAV Trigger, you do not need to make any modification in order to use the on-board amplifier.


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