New WAV Trigger features

I’ve just finished adding a bunch of new features (and one bug fix) to the WAV Trigger firmware. Version 1.30 includes the following changes and enhancements:

  • Increases total supported track count to 4096 – double the previous 2048 tracks.
  • Increases total MIDI Banks to 32.
  • Trigger Banks – map triggers to different banks of 16 tracks.
  • Voice Lock – when starting a track using a trigger or serial command, you can specify the track to not be used by the voice stealing algorithm. This lets you, for example, start a backing track and then play MIDI without risk of cutting off the backing track.
  • New serial reporting mode – The WAV Trigger can now be set to send track status messages whenever a track starts or stops.
  • True MIDI Channel/Omni – The WAV Trigger can now be set to respond to only a specific MIDI channel, or to Omni mode (all channels.)
  • Improved performance and timing of volume faders.
  • Fixed bug that allowed re-triggering when both Re-Trigger and Polyphonic trigger options were de-selected.
  • Fixed sample-rate offset algorithm to allow full 2X up.

I’ve also update the WAV Trigger InitMaker app to v1.20 support the new options. The screenshot below highlights some of the new features, and the app now (finally) sports it’s own application icon.



If you’d like to help me test all this, the links below will get you preliminary releases of both the new WAV Trigger firmware and InitMaker app. Please let me know here if you discover any issues with either.

WAV Trigger Firmware v1.30b (beta) hex file (zip)

WAV Trigger Init File Maker Utility v1.20 – Windows executable (zip)

WAV Trigger Init File Maker Utility v1.20 – OS X (10.6 and above) Install Image (dmg)

Finally, I’ve also revamped the Arduino Serial Control Library to take advantage of the enhanced features. A new advanced example sketch demonstrates how to put the WAV Trigger in reporting mode and use the library to find out when specific tracks have completed or stopped. Get the updated library here.