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If you are having difficulty playing audio with you MP3 Trigger, I strongly recommend that you first follow the troubleshooting procedure below.


MP3 Trigger V2 Troubleshooting Guide

IMPORTANT: Before you begin, remove anything you may have connected to the MP3 Trigger, including any buttons, switches, wires, serial adaptors, etc. If you’ve globbed on custom wiring that can’t be removed, then all bets are off.

Please do the tests in the prescribed order. If your unit fails at any point, please mention at what point the first failure occurred when you post to the forum. This will help isolate the problem.

1) Is the Power LED on when you apply power? If not, make sure you have the little slide switch in the correct position for your power source. It should be in the “EXT” position when using a power supply (4.5 to 12VDC) with the on-board barrel connector, or in the “USB” position if supplying powering through the serial connector. Confirm that you are applying the voltage you think you are applying. If you cannot get the Power LED to illuminate, you’ll need to contact your distributor for repair or replacement.

2) Is your PSoC microcontroller alive and running? You can test this as follows: Remove any flash card and turn on the power while holding down the center navigation switch position. This causes the microcontroller to enter the bootloader, and with no flash card installed you should see the Status LED blinking rapidly, indicating that it can’t find the firmware file. If you don’t get this result, then you’ll need to contact the distributor for repair or replacement.

3) Do you have valid firmware installed? You can test this by removing any flash card and turning on the power. (Do not hold down the nav switch for this test.) You should see the Status LED turn on for about 2-3 seconds and then go out, indicating that the firmware is running but you don’t have a flash card installed. Next, install a flash card that DOES NOT have any .MP3 files on it, and cycle the power. You should observe the same 2-3 second flash followed by a single brief flash, indicating that it found a card but no MP3 files. If either one of these things does not occur, then you may need to update your firmware. More likely, there’s a hardware problem with your flash card or the socket. If you get the same result with more than one flash card, then it’s likely the socket and you’ll need to contact the distributor for repair or replacement.

Always make sure you have the most recent firmware version. If in doubt, reload it.

4) Does it play audio at all? Forget the triggers for a moment and just see if the unit will play MP3 audio.  Copy one or both of the following files onto an empty flash card. Insert the flash card into the MP3 Trigger and turn on power. You should see the Status LED flash 3 short blinks, indicating that it found a flash card and at least one MP3 file. Use the navigation switch to play the file(s). (Again, it’s important to do this test with nothing connected to the MP3 Trigger except power and your audio output.)

128kbps stereo music test file 1

128kbps stereo music test file 2

You should hear stereo music with a fade-in, fade-out and no glitches.

5) Do the triggers work? Grab the following set of audio files, unzip and copy them onto a blank flash card. They should be the only files on the card. The files are properly named to correspond to the 18 triggers and contain simply the spoken trigger number. Insert the card and turn on the power. When you activate each trigger, you should hear a voice speaking the trigger number.

Spoken number test files

6) Are you experiencing a long delay before audio when you activate a trigger or when you are trying to loop a track? The following MP3 file is a 10-second A440 sine wave with no silence at the beginning or end of the file. Copy it to a flash card and rename it to be one of the trigger tracks, such as 001_TRACK.MP3. Activate the corresponding trigger, in this case TRIG01, and you should hear the sine wave for 10 seconds. If you continue to hold TRIG01, it should restart almost immediately. If this is what you observe, but your own MP3 file does not start or loop immediately, then there’s something wrong with your MP3 file.

192kbps stereo A440 sine wave test file