Some of the more interesting projects that I’ve been involved with outside of my career at Imagineering. The ones I can talk about anyway.

  • carina_130
  • Blackfin Audio DSP Processor – 2010. After finding no high performance audio DSP platform suitable for building a musical effects unit, I created my own open source design, then used it to develop a unique acoustic guitar algorithm. Patent pending.

  • Frontier Design Tranzport – 2005. Wireless remote controller for digital audio workstations. Uses Cypress PSoC1, enCoRe and WirelessUSB technologies.

    Winner of 8 industry awards for excellence

  • tranzportwbridge150
  • MBCover125
  • MotionBuilder Device Plugin – 2010. Developed a proprietary OpenReality plugin that allows real time data from AutoDesk MotionBuilder to be output for motor control and physical animation.

  • iZotope ANR-B – 2008. Real-time adaptive noise reduction for the broadcast industry. Uses Analog Devices SHARC and Cypress PSoC1 technologies.

    Winner of 2 “Best New Product” awards at 2008 AES.

  • anrbclose125
  • asoi9
  • Another Side of In – 2010. Interactive multi-media collaboration with Phish bass player Mike Gordon and artist Marjori Minkin. Installed at Boston Children’s Museum. Uses 23 Cypress PSoC1 processors and WirelessUSB technology to control light and sound based on proximity to artwork.

  • MP3Trigger125
  • SparkFun MP3 Trigger V1/V2 – 2009. A versatile embedded MP3 player for the hobbyist and interactive exhibit markets. Uses a Cypress PSoC1 processor and a VLSI VS-1053 MP3 decoder to play MP3 files of a FAT formatted microSD card.

    Chosen by Grant Imhara of Mythbusters for the Craig Ferguson Robot Skeleton Sidekick


    GigFX ProChop – 2007. Guitar tremelo pedal. Uses a Cypress PSoC1 to syncronize the stereo effect to external tempo via MIDI Clock.

  • prochop125
  • M400Proj
  • Mellotron M400 #380 Restoration Project – Ongoing. Don’t know what a Mellotron is? Click to learn more than you’ll ever need to know about this amazing piece of music technology history.