Here are the latest Tsunami firmware and related utility executables and libraries. Project source files for some of the utilities, along with builds for OS X and Linux, can be found in the respective github repositories.

There are now two official branches of the Tsunami Firmware: Stereo and Mono. The stereo version supports 44.1kHz, 16-bit, stereo wav files and provides 18 voices to 4 stereo output pairs. The mono version supports 44.1kHz, 16-bit, mono wav files and provides 32 voices to 8 mono outputs. The mono version includes the ability to trigger up to 8 mono tracks routed to sequential outputs for playing stereo pairs (2 voices), 5.1 surround (6 voices) or 7.1 surround (8 voices) using a single trigger. The track set will start and play in sample-sync.

The latest version of the Tsunami Configurator Utility supports both modes of operation.


Tsunami firmware


Tsunami Mono Firmware v1.02m hex file (zip)

Tsunami Stereo Firmware v1.02s hex file (zip)

Release notes: Release for testing. Fixes issue with tracks occasionally restarting when the “Re-trigger” option is deselected. Added serial protocol command for setting the trigger bank.


Tsunami Mono Firmware v1.01m hex file (zip)

Tsunami Stereo Firmware v1.01s hex file (zip)

Release notes: Release for testing. Addresses two issues that were only in the mono version: Synced Set now works with up to 8 tracks. MIDI Filename tags _S4 through _S8 and _L4 through _L8 now correctly route tracks to outputs 4 through 8.

Stereo version is simply a version string update – no functional difference.


Tsunami Mono Firmware v1.00m hex file (zip)

Tsunami Stereo Firmware v1.00s hex file (zip)

Release notes: First production release. Fixed a few minor MIDI issues. Running Status support for Program Change messages. Added controllers for volume of individual outputs. Added All-Notes-Off message support.


Tsunami Mono Firmware v0.44m hex file (zip)

Tsunami Stereo Firmware v0.44m hex file (zip)

Release notes: Preliminary release for testing. Fixed issue with user button. Changed function of “Synced Pair” trigger function to “Synced Set” to allow for starting up to 8 tracks in sync using sequential outputs. Allows for playing 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound content with a single trigger.


Copyright notice: The Tsunami firmware is not open-source and is copyrighted by Jamie Robertson, dba Robertsonics. These firmware downloads are intended solely for use in SparkFun Tsunamis. For other hardware platforms, please contact me for licensing options.


Previous versions:

Firmware v0.33 release notes: Modified file-naming convention. Track numbers can now be 1 to 4 digits, with no leading 0’s required. Track number may optionally be followed by “_FN”, where F=”L” for looping, or F=”S” for single-shot, and N = “1” to “4” to specify output number. These parameters are used when the track is triggered by a MIDI event.

Example: “51_L3 Test Track.wav” = track 51, Loop flag enabled, Output 3

Firmware v0.32 release notes: Added Trigger Banks, Voice Lock, serial track status reporting mode, true MIDI Channel/Omni mode. Fixed bug that allowed track re-trigger if both Re-Trigger and Poly options were deselected. Fixed sample-rate offset for full 2X up.


Tsunami Configuration Utility


Tsunami Configurator Utility v0.31m – Windows executable (zip)

Tsunami Configurator Utility v0.31m – OS X (10.6 and above) Install Image (dmg)

Release notes: Fixed issue preventing Volume Up/Dn trigger functions from selecting output.


Previous versions:

Tsunami Configurator v0.30 Release notes: Support for Mono firmware with 8 outputs and new “Synced Pair” trigger function.

Tsunami Configurator v0.24 Release notes: Added Trigger Bank Up/Dn trigger functions. Added MIDI Channel/Omni modes selection.


Tsunami Serial Control Arduino Library


The Arduino Serial Control Library for Tsunami can be found on github here.